Topsafe London are currently exhibiting the works of everyone’s favourite Parisian vandal, Horfe, for his debut show in London at a pop-up space at no.4 Wilkes Street.
Whilst his show may be seen as yet another venture of a writer into the world of art, a move that is often readily met with disapproval, it is instead one that perhaps highlights the creative capacity of someone who is able to break from such trappings with little concern for criticism. Horfe’s ever-eclectic hand-style, a mixture of vintage animations and cartoon art that merge into obscure lettering, is seen here to seamlessly translate into artworks that fit comfortably within the space of a gallery. Such a move is in many ways done so without much demand for compromise.
As with any Horfe piece that you may stumble across on just about any flat surface available on the Parisian streets, the noticeable essence of Horfe’s work seen here is that of originality and it is something that he has always tirelessly stuck to in all his pieces. This emphasis in his work is captured perfectly on Will Robson Scott’s film on the writer Death Is Home, from Topsafe’s Crack & Shine International.
Overall, the exhibition brings to light the illustrative elements of his style whilst still possessing the inexhaustible energy seen in his illegal painting. Horfée’s Imaginarium, a mixture of sketches, 3D pieces, video installations and paintings, creates an overall aesthetic of the fantastical, perhaps suitably conveying the creative freedom of a writer who has entered the world of art with no fears of his own authenticity and in expressing the depths of his imagination.
Be sure to pick up the book or flashpack from Topsafe.
14th March – 23rd March
4 Wilkes Street,
E1 6QF,
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Words: Edward Moore Photography: Joel Stoddart