After being out in Bangkok for a few months now my ill conceived perceptions of Thailand as a whole have been blown out of the water and left a ground shattering aftershock in my mind, Bangkok is by far the most creativity driven and encouraging city i have ever had the opportunity to explore and although we are in our infancy you will find a wealth of posts supporting what goes down in the capital.
I certainly didn’t want my first real post about Siam Center to have any form of negativity at all i aliken this place as a mold of concept spaces such as Dover Street Market or Colette on a much larger scale and in the form of a shopping mall that is boutique and design driven however i felt that the issue needed to be addressed not only for the fact of making things clearer especially for the Kaws fan base that have only witnessed this situation through a five second speed flick through Instagram but to also recognise the legitimate collectors here and somewhat try and untarnish the damage this has likely caused to anyone that has ever thought of buying a piece from a native Thai collector only for the stereotyping to kick in thats imprinted on the circuitry wiring of the brain of the majority that haven’t witnessed the volume of legitimate goods and passion from retailers out here! Its true the streets can be plagued with fake copies of pretty much anything however i have not stumbled on any fake kaws pieces at all.
The events that i have attended at Siam Center have all been of complete legitimacy even to the point in which original Warhol pieces have been on display guarded by a mass of security guards making sure you don’t snap any pictures what so ever, i don’t condone what they have done in regards to the promotion of the planned Kaws exhibiton due to take place, the guy dressed up in the helmet slapped with bootleg stickers of kaws signature ‘XX’ and wearing a leather biker jacket is damn right hilarious to say the least as though the event organiser dreamed of a Kaws x Daft Punk collaboration and attempted to bring it to life however putting their disrespectful marketing acts aside they will be displaying some genuine original pieces from a Taiwanese collector, Joseph Chen who owns the J Chen gallery in Taipei for no charge whatsoever.
Its no secret that the streetwear scene and the art that kaws produce plays hand in hand, the streetwear scene in Bangkok is a unique experience of completely independent stores that don’t get the recognition they deserve ,like most things out here, however stay tuned as we will be covering the legitimate side of the scene in Bangkok over the coming weeks.
Hopefully the exhibition will still go underway on 14th March, we will keep you updated via twitter as soon as we know anything.
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Photography: Myself, I1: Zeterbiesen I3: Mark Rawi I4: Wasin T. I5: Zack Zuii I6: Landre Chiu     Location: Siam Center, Siam, Bangkok