Upon deciding to spend a few months in Thailand, mainly Bangkok to be exact we immediately grabbed the nearest internet enabled device we could get our hands on and what followed was hours on hours of burying our heads researching what Bangkok has to offer. We very quickly discovered that Siam and the surrounding areas where the places to be in terms of retail spaces, heck someone somewhere even alikedned it to Tokyo’s Harajuku and once that comparison was made we couldn’t resist. Upon exploring the area we decided there was no time like the present to put our twist on the iconic ‘store guide’ series to profile the emphusiasm and passion of the retailers here as well as what unique products they have to offer alongside the typical ones we all love and hate, with this first instalment we will start with the streetwear and sneaker scene.
With all of the stores being independents the scene is very much a diffrent landscape compaired to most cities from freshly founded labels to reseller and retail stores as well as a combination of a few of these, Bangkok has a lot to offer for sneaker and streetwear fiends. It was a shame to discover stores such as Modified which was co owned by Futura had disappeared as well as the grand scale playground! and manga playground! concept stores that seemed to be a real treat and although there is still a real sense of a strong streetwear scene within Bangkok I can’t help but notice that Thailand is a place that trends come and go very quickly with people changing their style at a rapid pace compared to most cultures, i sincerely hope that no more independentants have to bite the bullet and shut up shop.
We will be following these initial insights with individual store profiling over the coming months, until then flick through the gallery above and if you happen to be around Siam trundle along to the listed stores you definitely wont be disappointed.

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Text & Photography: Stephen Donald Location: Siam Square, Bangkok, Thailand