Synonymous with football hooligans and drug dealers, Stone Island managed to get away from the stigma they have attracted in recent years and have produced a shoe that wouldn’t go a miss as a staple piece accompanying any genre of style, mixed in against some high fashion garments, be seen on the feet of highland trekkers and could easily have be seen worn by the late Steve Jobs. Stone Island have managed to give an upper market feel to the silhouette thus enhancing its universal appeal, incorporating noteworthy details and materials with military-spec satin weave cotton, reflective polyester and a molded rubber N emblem.
Although being crafted in the Flimby plant down to trademark issues the shoe became an Italian market exclusive leaving loyal followers of the brands scouring their rolodex for a hint of Italian to help them cop a pair, Sadly due to the exlusivity of the collaboration i doubt they will ever see much mountain action and rarely even be paraded around just like a kitted out G-wagon running the city streets, fit for purpose but never put to the limits.
Salute to a no-nonsense collaboration.
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Text & Photography: Stephen Donald Location: Stone Island Flagship, London, UK