Two weeks ago we flew out to Paris for a weekend of trainers, food, beer and more trainers and whilst we were there we also broke our Solemart virginity.
Before we arrived we weren’t too sure what to expect in terms of variety and to be honest we were expecting to see loads of tables full of recent retro’s and collaborations but we were completely wrong, sure there was the new release here and there but the old outweighed the new by a ton and there was also a good mix of clothing, toys and accessories on display as well.
Whilst some of the other events we’ve been to in the past have been very Nike heavy, we were refreshed to spot the likes of Brooks, Avia and Spalding throughout the venue and anyone into their vintage would’ve been more than satisfied as the selection on was amazing.
During the event LaMJC also revealed their second collaboration with Supra, a white version of the extremely limited Owen that they released last year and each pair came with a free triple branded tote bag and a bespoke coach jacket made exclusively for the event. a lucky few even got their boxes signed (Including us).
So where and when is the next one? Well from what we’ve heard it’s going to be in Berlin sometime in September, regardless of when it is we’ll be there.
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Text & Photography: Joel Stoddart Location: Solemart, Paris, France