Since 2002, the guys at Solebox have been supplying limited and exclusive trainers and clothing to enthusiasts and collectors worldwide, making our wardrobes and footwear that little bit fresher and our bank balances smaller. Over the years the team of brothers have worked with more than a handful of their favourite brands, creating a collection of extremely sought after trainers along the way, all of which are showcased in Perspex boxes surrounding the walls in their beautiful store in West Berlin.
Solebox teamed up with Saucony for the first time in 2008, creating their own version of the 1981 classic the Jazz and the two brands have collaborated every year since, using a mix of old and new silhouettes throughout their collaborative efforts.
In 2011, the team publicly announced their conjoined love for the brand and released an exclusive pack consisting of three Shadow 5000’s, dubbed the ‘Three Brothers’, with each one representing one of the trio. Two years later they released part 2 of the pack, using the popular silhouette once again. Each version was made up of a synthetic suede, mesh and nylon upper, with all three featuring a different coloured body with grey accents, a leather lined collar and a leather Solebox branded insole.
The green and the orange versions were sold exclusively at Solebox whilst the pink version was given to select retailers worldwide.
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Photography: Joel Stoddart & Sunil Rao    Location: Carnaby Street, London, UK