First of all we’d like to introduce ourselves and give you a brief glimpse into the world of Hostile and a breakdown of what you can expect to see from us.

We believe that introducing yourself is very important, as you can meet new people, make new friends and create partnerships, which are all important aspects in life, however not everyone grasps the concept of an introduction and therefore can come across a bit Hostile.

Well since we are introducing ourselves, I suppose it’s all sounding a bit ironic right? Maybe it is but we’ll leave it to you to be the judge of that.

Here at Hostile, we are very open minded and have a broad range of interests spanning from streetwear to formal wear, from trainers (or sneakers if you’d like) to more traditional footwear, from collectable toys to coffee, from salads to the greasiest burger in town and so on….Basically if something tickles our taste buds, whether it be food or some tasty looking footwear, we’ll feature it.

Now we have a lot of plans for the site but from the get go you can expect as much original content as possible, featured content that we personally have an interest in and unbiased posts, dictated only by us.

Welcome to Hostile.