Fresh from his debut show late last year dubbed No Cartoon After News Tonight and just recently taking part in the Bukruk Street Art Festival we were kindly welcomed by the man himself at his studio to take a closer look behind the scenes and discover the work he has put out to date. Graphic designer turned street artist Pharuephon Mukdasanit aka MAMAFAKA has been making waves with his character Mr. Hellyeah, a trademark style consisting of a cyclops eye, moustache and fury body.
Although the MMFK pseudonym is only a few years young the wealth of work already put out under the handle as well as the popularity gained in such a short period of time is phenomenal and one to be applauded especially when you add sold out products, queues of fans waiting to get their pieces signed at events and regular fan art to that list as well. With many major brand collaborations under his belt such as the latest ones with Converse, Cornetto & Vespa its safe to say the MAMAFAKA tribe will grow ten fold over the years to come.
Upon walking around Bangkok your pretty much guaranteed to randomly discover Mr. Hellyeah in some form especially if you walk into a sneaker boutique within Siam Square you will easily detect a piece hidden somewhere within the store wether it be that you are greeted by a mural or numerous collaboration products that have been produced with local stores such as the skating store Preduce as part of a running artist board series representing the renowned preduce skating team or garment works with sneaker stores Carnival, Sneeka Villa and Vac. During his debut show briefly mentioned earlier Tum released limited edition screenprints of child hood cartoon figures such as Casper, Garfield, Mickey Mouse and Papa Smurf portrayed in a more sinister light which closely reminds me of the works of Kaws but with a more original twist.
Whilst visiting we managed to ask a few questions to help gain insight behind some of Tum’s choices in life and change in direction:
How did you make a transition from graphic designer to street artists and why?
I managed to meet a fellow native thai artist p7 and he invited me to a street art show it was from this point that my work as a street artist naturally developed before this i used to work normal hours in an advertising agency, I finally gave the job up 3 years ago now to pursue this avenue.
Where have you exhibited so far and where may we see your pieces on the streets of Bangkok?
You wont find many on the streets most of my works can be discovered in retail spaces however my main piece that can be seen right now is the one that i was commissioned to do during the Bukruk Street Art festival which can be found near BTS Ratchatewi
I understand you were a part of a design collective B.O.R.E.D is the group still ongoing or has it now been disassembled?
B.O.R.E.D was originally started up almost 12 years ago and 5 year ago we decided to split up we are all still friends it was a decision we had to take as some of the members moved abroad or different directions, we still come together from time to time but not really under B.O.R.E.D anymore, the 12th anniversary of the group is next year and we plan to come together to celebrate this.
I notice you have a lot of collaborations with Thai brands/stores can we expect to see any collaborative work soon and also is there any plans to work with brands outside of thailand?
Currently I do a lot of work for Ripcurl, my next collaboration is for the grand opening of Above The Rim, a basketball sneaker store and also working on something with a Singapore toy company.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years time and what do you see the mamafaka entity growing into?
I don’t see anything (chuckles)… I cant see it myself, five years ago I cant vision or imagine I would be where I am today maybe in the next five years it will change.
Aswell as producing work for large and small brands through his design work and streetart pieces you can also see Tum’s penmanship as the creative brains behind exclusive accessories brand URFACE.
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Photography + Words: Stephen Donald     Location: MMFK Studio, Bangkok