Over the years Hanon have become notorious for their beautifully executed collaborations and their choice of model, colours and materials are always second to none. On March 2nd 2013, Hanon released their first trainer in collaboration with the Saucony crew, the Shadow Master, a fusion of the 1991 Master Control and the popular Shadow 5000. The model features a beautiful pigskin suede and perforated leather upper, with 3M accents and orange satin lining. Other details include Hanons Keep On Burning logo on the tongue aswell as on their dual branded insole, all of which lay above the comfort of the Shadow 5000 sole unit. Each pair came with a bespoke cotton dust bag, three laces to match each colour on the trainer and a matching tee shirt for a limited number of Hanon customers.
After the drop we managed to catch up with Ed Toft, the main man behind Hanon and this collaboration:
Hey Ed, thanks for sitting down with us, could you give us an insight into who you are and a brief history behind Hanon?
I guess I would be creative director at Hanon. The shop first opened in November 1990 under the name Streethreds. We were originally based in Elgin – a small city in the north east of Scotland, before relocating a little further south to Aberdeen in 1993. When we started out, the store sold sneakers, streetwear and skateboards. Brands were mainly sourced from the USA and UK, and included labels such as Stussy, Vans, Ben Davis, Dickies, Patrick Ewing, Airwalk and Anarchic Adjustment amongst others. Around the early 90’s we developed a passion for sneakers and started to travel a bit buying up deadstock with the aim to sell it on through the store. When we established the online shop the name changed due in part to the spelling of the name Streethreds (nobody could find us!), but we have continued to do much the same things and carry many of the brands as we did when we started out.
Now we know you and your team  aren’t shy when it comes to collaborations but how did you come around to working with Saucony?
Saucony is a brand we have carried in the store at various points over the past few years, but until fairly recently there wasn’t a great deal of their back catalogue out there. The Hang Time basketball series, one or two of the early Shadow models and the Jazz were pretty much all there was. We have built up a solid relationship with the guy that heads up Saucony in the UK and as we have collaborated on running shoes in the past, it was a good opportunity to approach them to work on a project.
Out of Saucony’s vast archive of models, why the Shadow Master?
The Master Control is a favourite style from their archive, especially the upper. In my opinion it is one of the best silhouettes of their back catalogue. I particularly like the way the overlays flow and the simplicity of the design. It can be dangerous tampering with a shoe’s DNA however, but we liked the idea of combining a Shadow 5000 sole unit to the Master Control’s upper. I really like the result and think the combination of both models makes for a crisp shape and profile.
What’s the inspiration behind the colour blocking?
Some of our past projects have focussed on a particular theme or concept to develop the idea. For this style the inspiration came about via the combination of the two models really. As soon as we came up with ‘Shadow Master’ (Shadow 5000 / Master Control!) we wanted the shoe to reflect the name. Our main objective was to create a premium shoe in a stealth like colourway. The original idea was to go full black in lux suede and leather, but as the overlays really lend to blocking we decided on the grey base.
Can we expect to see some more collaborative work from you guys soon?
Yes. We have a project coming up shortly with Clarks on a style from their Sport range. For this project we have revisited an old school performance fabric that featured on a collaboration we released with New Balance a few years ago. Beyond that we have something coming up with Reebok a little later in the year.
A special thanks goes out to Ed Toft, David Taylor and the whole team at Hanon and watch out for their Clarks collaboration that drops on the 16th of March.
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Photography: Joel Stoddart & Sunil Rao Location: Carnaby Street, London, UK