Since 2007 the Goodhood name has been one of constant praise and all of that praise is rightly due as most independent companies would find it hard to stay open for a year let alone nearly 6, and to say that the company has grown during those years is a vast understatement. Due to their carefully curated range of clothing and products, not to mention their impeccable customer service, the store has gained a loyal following and since their inception we’ve seen the addition of a second floor and their new Life Store literally just across the road.
After a tiring and repetitive day at work it was nice to walk up the cobbled street in Hoxton to be greeted by free beers and a newly opened store, full of products that I probably wouldn’t have seen in London before as well as their in-house designed ‘GOODS’ range.
The stock is diverse to say the least as they cover everything from scents to stationary, all of which are sourced from various corners of the globe with a unique approach and a sharp eye for quality. We’ll definitely be frequenting the store whenever we’re in the area and we wish the Goodhood team the best of luck on their new journey to furnish your house and life with the coolest items around.
Goodhood Life Store:

20 Coronet Street, London, N1 6HD