Its refreshing to see a large brand working with artists who are mainly street artists, collaborating on a collection that’s accessible to most and giving the artists more audience reach, most importantly with people who wouldn’t normally discover their artwork whilst at the same time giving their tight knitted fan base the chance to take home a piece of their work. As well as the t-shirt collection, the artists were invited to decorate the Jaspal mascot dubbed MR.PAL with their creative talents which after the event will be displayed in a large window display in the Jaspal store held at Siam Centre, a trendy boutique shopping mall in Bangkok that I can only describe as though it’s a Dover Street Market on a much larger scale, spread over five floors it’s naturally the destination for fashionistas and cool kids alike to hang out in Bangkok.
It was great to see many of the artists we have covered in the past week such as Mamafaka, P7, Rukkit, Trk & Yuree taking part in the collection and at the same time discovering Thai artists we had not previously been exposed too.
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Collaboration: For Jaspal Limited Edition Co-lab T-shirt      Location: Siam Center, Siam, Bangkok      Host: Jaspal