With this being the first year of the festival it was great to stumble across such creative wealth being brought together in a city which i felt thrived and encouraged creativity like no other i have come across so far and certify the non-hostility vibe through out the event in which artists were more than willing to talk to you regardless of your social status or background.
After all of the artists had finished their pieces the week long festival was celebrated with the launch of a pop up store which had all of the items suspended and displayed in a 400sqm room that made it more gallery show esque than temporary pop up, it seemed like the freshest way to showcase international tallent yet at the same time supporting the artists well long after they have abandoned the spray cans.
Within the exhibit it was great to see more elements of the street being embraced with the many numerous skateboard collaborations with local independent Preduce through to the mamafaka converse collaboration that for some reason don’t seem to make any noise outside of the native land, it very much feels as though Thailand and its key players within this scene don’t get the international recognition that they deserve. The staple piece from the event simply had to be the three eared and three eyed larger than life bunny rabbit figure from Alex Face that took centre stage and a noteworthy nod to swedish artist Tika that produced silk screenprints for people to take away in return for a photo of where the receiver had chose to hang up the print in order to get a bigger message across about Binz a creative space thats in great fear of being demolished due to the usual profit calculating suits.
Like most street festivals one of the main reasons of Bukruk being set up was to expose street art from the underground and into everyday life however i somewhat cant help but feel that placing artists along the canal in a slum like environment is still very underground and hasnt particularly given some of the artists the opportunity that others had with the large 4 story building canvas they were given to work with. It feels as though a lot of the pieces on the canal walkway have been placed over old graf work which makes me also wonder about the longevity of the work that was mainly created by foreign artists, that aside Bukruk was a strong success and i look forward to seeing how it develops in the years to come.
Shout out to Rik Hedof it was a great surprise to stumble across a little piece of home with the colab from our good friends over at The London Vandal!
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Event: Now till 17th March at the Bangkok Art & Culture Centre, 4th Floor.